Why Logicol?

What is Logicol?

Logicol is a spread for those concerned about their cholesterol. It contains plant sterols, an ingredient that’s been clinically proven to lower cholesterol absorption by up to 10% in 3 weeks†† when eaten in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Logicol was first launched in 1999. The idea behind the spread was to provide an easy, tasty solution to help lower cholesterol absorption.

Just two to three serves of Logicol each day (equating to 25g) can lower your cholesterol absorption by up to 10%  in 3 weeks††.  Plus, Logicol is a natural source of Omega 3. 

Finding the Logicol range is easy – just look in the chilled spread section of your local supermarket!

††Based on 25g of Logicol™ spread, on 2-3 slices of bread daily, as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, as demonstrated in scientific studies. Additional consumption does not provide further benefit. Not suitable for infants, children & pregnant and lactating woman unless under medical advice.

What are plant sterols?

Plant sterols are found naturally in many organic foods like vegetable oils, seeds, legumes, fruit and vegetables—but their concentration is too small to help lower cholesterol absorption if eaten alone. 

Plant sterols and cholesterol have a similar cellular structure. Due to this similarity, when we eat an effective amount of plant sterols (as found in 2-3 serves of Logicol spread), they compete with the cholesterol in the small intestine. This reduces the amount of cholesterol being absorbed into the bloodstream, and the unabsorbed cholesterol and plant sterols simply pass through the body.

  1. Cholesterol enters the guts from food and the liver.undefined
  2. The plant sterols in Logicol spread partially block absorption into the bloodstream.
  3. More cholesterol passes out of the body.